Salt & Spice

I couldn't, in good conscience, have a blog about food and not do a post about Salt & Spice.  S&S is a McCormick brand seasoning that my mother has used for over 20 years.  She uses it on everything, and I do mean everything...except desserts.  It's a blend of salt, pepper, onion, garlic and celery seed.  Since she uses it, then yes, I use it.  Afterall, she was one of my teachers in the kitchen.  She and I use SO much of it and we are so dependent on it.  It is an amazing seasoning for potatoes, all veggies and every meat you can think of.  We put it in soups, casseroles, sauces and everything in between.

A year or so ago, we were alarmed when we could no longer find it on grocery store shelves, so we called the company and were told it was discontinued.  WHAT!!!  Now this is a crisis!  We asked if they made anything similar.  Nope.  WHAT!!!  However, the sweet lady we spoke with at McCormick offered us the recipe for Salt & Spice.  WHAT!!!  Are you kidding me!!!  Yes, now that they aren't making it, they are just handing out the recipe to anyone that wants it!  Turns out the recipe is also available on McCormick's website here.

When we make it, we quadruple it and store it in mason jars, simply refilling our little shakers as needed.  I will mention it a lot in recipes that I post in the future.  Now you know what it is and now you know my little "secret" in the kitchen.  I have been told that it is like crack.  I will agree with that...once you use it and learn to cook with it, you will become addicted and dependent on it to prepare a meal.

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  1. I love this story. Nice to know that McCormick gave you an alternative to a deleted item. Was it easy to find their number? I know that sometimes its hard to get in touch with big companies.

    Also, I was going to Tweet about this but there wasn't a handy button at the end of your post (yeah I know I'm lazy). Does Blogger have the ability to put Twitter/StumbleUpon/Facebook/etc. icons at the end of posts to make it easier for readers to talk about them?