What's for dinner?

BBQ sandwiches - made from left over pork roast. I cooked a roast middle of last week. When I buy roast, I always buy a Boston Butt Pork Roast...and the largest one the meat market has. The reason I do this is just so I can have leftovers. With the leftover roast, I almost always chop up part of the meat one night, season with cumin & make quesadillas. Then, with the remainder, I chop it up and stir in a healthy portion of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce for BBQ sandwiches. After we have eat those 1 or 2 times, then I will freeze the rest for another meal sometime. As a result, we are eating 3-5 meals from that one roast. It's fabulous!!!

Cheese dip w/meat - I made cheese dip for us to snack on during the Super Bowl. 2 pounds of Mexican velveeta, 2 cans of rotel and 1 pound of hot breakfast sausage (browned & drained). We love it and of course that makes a LOT so we reheated it tonight to eat with our BBQ.

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